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My 1984 T-Type

This is my site...dedicated to Buicks mostly!


The GN!

This is my 1987 Buick Regal Limited with an LC2 (Turbo V-6).  It is an Intercooled, turbocharged 3.8 V-6, mostly stock, but that is all about to change!  The original motor was said to produce a sweet 245 ponies stock, but when this bad boy is finished, i hope to see a few 500's on the DYNO!!


As is, now, the car is in mostly stock trim.  Only modifications so far are the front mount intercooler, dual hooker exhaust and test pipe (cat-less) and K&N filter.  Everything else is basically stock.

Expected near future upgrades include, but are not limited to:  TE44 precision turbo, 50# msd injectors, walbro 340 pump, adj regulator, TESTA chip, adj wastegate, eaton rear, ported heads and intake, Mease throttle body, and Mease upper plenum (dog house), and some major body restoration!


I hope you like it!  I LOVE IT!!!



My Wife and I on our Wedding Day



More Pictures

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